Use the links on this page to download information and checklists that will help you learn how to live safer and be prepared to face events that we all hope won't come.

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Title Jurisdiction
BlastingSite  Permit Application
Shenandoah County
Blasting Permit
Town of Woodstock
Burn Permit Application
Shenandoah County
Burn Structure Permit Application
Shenandoah County
Display of Aerial Fireworks Permit Application  
Shenandoah County
Display of Aerial Fireworks Indoor Permit Application
Shenandoah County
Storage and Sale of Fireworks Permit Application
Shenandoah County
Storage of Explosives and Blasting Agents Permit Application
Shenandoah County


Accident Health Beneficiary Form
Accident Verification Form
Active 9-1-1 Request Form
Administrative Officer Form
Career Personal Injury Form
DMV Driver Information Check Form
Frequency Authorization Form
ID Badge Request Form
Knox Box Entry Form
New Member Information Form
Ride-A-Long Form
Safety Self Inspection Form
Save and Significant Incident Form
SCFR Accountability Tag Order Form
SCFR Dry Hydrant Inspection Form
Special Needs Population Registry Form
Training Registration Form
Vehicle License Sticker Form
Virginia Line of Duty Act Claim for Death Benefits
Virginia Line of Duty Act Claim for Health Insurance Benefits
Virginia Line of Duty Act Claim for Disability Benefits
Volunteer Injury Claim Report
Volunteer Interest Form
VSP Criminal History Record Check Form
Request for Medical Records
Authorization of Release of Protected Health Information
Request for EMS Transport Fee Waiver
SCFR Annual HIPAA Training Acknowledgement and Understanding Form


Incident Command System Forms
ICS 201 (Incident Briefing) ICS 216 (Radio Requirements Worksheet)t
ICS 202 (Incident Objectives) ICS 217 (Radio Frequency Assignment Worksheet)
ICS 203 (Organization Assignment List) ICS 218 (Support Vehicle Summary)
ICS 204 (Assignment List) ICS 219-2 (Card Stock - Green Crew)
ICS 205 (Incident Radio Communication Plan) ICS 219-4 (Card Stock - Blue Helicopter)
ICS 206 (Medical Plan) ICS 219-6 (Card Stock - Orange Aircraft)
ICS 207 (Organizational Chart) ICS 219-7 (Card Stock - Yellow Dozer)
ICS 209 (Incident Status Summary Card) ICS 220 (Air Operations Summary)
ICS 210 (Status Change Card) ICS 221 (Demobilization Plan)
ICS 211 (Check in List) ICS 221 (Demobilization Checkout—page 1)
ICS 213 (General Message) ICS 226 (Individual Personnel Rating)
ICS 214 (Unit Log) ICS 308 (Resource Order Form Front)
ICS 215 (Operational Planning Worksheet) ICS 308 (Resource Order Form Back)
ICS 215a (Incident Action Plan Safety Analysis) ICS 308 (Resource Order Form)
Cardiac Arrest QI Form Shortness of Breath Form
EMS Patient Refusals Form Spinal Immobilization Form
Generic Skills and Procedure Form  King Airway Form