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Use the links on this page to download information and checklists that will help you learn how to live safer and be prepared to face events that we all hope won't come.

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Preparing for a Hurricane
Preparing for a Flash Flood
Preparing for a Winter Storm
Emergency Preparedness Survey

Preplan -
First Aid Kit
Emergency Plan
Disaster Supply Kit
Emergency Car Kit
Special Needs Registry

Home Safety
Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Smoke Detectors
Fire Extinguishers
Home Fire Safety
(Spanish version)
Escape Planning

Seasonal Safety
Tips on Dealing with Summer Heat
Lightining Safety Tips
Swimming Pool Safety
Home Heating Tips
Christmas Tree Safety Tips

Grilling Safety

Juvenile Firesetting

SCFR is committed to assisting families and children that may have firesetter issues. The juvenile firesetter program was created to help educate children having trouble understanding the dangers of playing with fire and firesetting. The number of fires set by children is growing. If you suspect—or find evidence—that your child is setting fires, you now have a local resource to assist you with educating you, your family and your child.